Providing Cyber Crime Victims with
Actionable Intelligence

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Are you a victim of Cyber Crime and seeking justice against those who defrauded you?

Many Cyber Criminals feel untouchable online – hidden behind aliases, phony companies, fake emails, illegal boiler room style operations and international borders. It is easy to fall victim to these schemes, no matter how logical or cautious you are in everyday life.

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Common Cyber Crime schemes

In today’s online world Cyber Crime is targeted at millions of hard-working individuals and small to medium businesses across the globe. These schemes include…

  • Fake investment traders
  • Fraudulent Cryptocurrency businesses
  • Scam Websites and Online Dating profiles
  • Specific Cyber-attacks targeting business data and Intellectual Property
  • Identity Theft & Financial Fraud

Fight back against Cyber Crime with our Intelligence Reports

Claimstar Global’s Intelligence Reports are at the cutting-edge of the International Intelligence community counteracting Cyber Crime. Using our network of contacts and our expertise at gathering and reporting on information through Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) methods, we are able to…

  • Expertly locate the Criminals who have targeted you or your business
  • Gather valuable evidence on their operations and known associates
  • Deploy the latest cutting-edge technologies and Investigative techniques
  • Undertake Surveillance on the targeted subjects
  • Assist in getting your money back through proven Debt Extraction and Asset Recovery procedures
  • Deploy Legal proceedings against the perpetrators in their country of origin
  • Bring those responsible to Justice and make public their role within these criminal syndicates

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Claimstar Global's credentials

  • Ability to access data outside of local and federal Law Enforcements capabilities
  • Respected Associate within the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
  • Internal business contacts include ex-operatives from CIA, FBI, Mossad & Interpol
  • Remote offices in Washington DC, Toronto, London, Tel Aviv, Rotterdam, and Cape Town
  • Extensive International Investigations experience & understanding of specific local complexities
  • Highly confidential & 100% secure communication with clients covering all platforms
  • Assisted in a range of Police Investigations, Law Enforcement procedures, Legal proceedings, and Asset Recovery

Every Cyber Crime leaves a trail

Regardless of how sophisticated and clever these criminal networks are, every act of Cyber Crime can be traced, and actionable Intelligence uncovered.

By partnering with Claimstar Global, we can use various Investigative measures including the use of White Hat hackers to gather critical evidence that gives information, power, and control back to the victims of online Fraud.

We arm clients with information portrayed in clear and concise reports advising on who stole from them, where they are located and the methodologies on how we are going to get your money back.

With our vast knowledge, hands-on experience and world’s best practice techniques throughout the Cyber Crime industry, our Intelligence Reports speak for themselves.